JUSTONBIKE is a service for those who want to buy a Brompton bike.

Based in London, UK, Justonbike delivers only carefully selected products through inspection and testing.

Before Dispatch we do

Gear shift check, brake friction check, tire pressure check, frame state.

Problem occurred?

If parts are damaged or defective after receiving the product, take a photo or video immediately within 3 days.

Send it to csjustonbike@gmail.com

After our team reviews it, we will actively proceed with parts replacement or repair-cost-support-service.

Non-serviceable items

Fine scratches

Interior gear shift noise

Non-rolling due to friction with the rear wheel mudguard

(This is a part that can happen during the delivery process, and when you contact JUSTONBIKE, share the solution)

JUSTONBIKE will respond if any problems occur after the customer receives the product.

We promise to actively cooperate and provide guidance.